Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions about TestZebra? We will be happy to answer them for you.


What is TestZebra?

TestZebra is an online platform that helps companies hiring the most skilled candidates by providing them with a range of tests to assess applicants as part of the interview process.

Our tests cover a wide range of skills, from cognitive to language to technical ability, and are designed to help you quickly and accurately assess a respondent's potential.

How to use TestZebra?

To use TestZebra, simply create an account, select the tests that will be part of the test assessment, and invite candidates to take the assessment via email addresses.

After the assessment has been taken, you will have reports to help you evaluate each candidate's abilities and potential.

Can I try TestZebra for free?

Yes, each of our registered customers will receive a generous offer of 3 test credits for free and without having to fill in credit card details.


What types of tests does TestZebra offer?
We offer a wide range of tests, including language tests, technical/IT skills tests, cognitive ability tests and more. Our tests are designed to help you evaluate candidates for a variety of roles, from various entry-level positions to executive positions.
Can I trust the results of TestZebra tests?
Our tests are made by qualified experts and are accurate and reliable. We use advanced statistical techniques to ensure the high reliability and validity of our tests, and we constantly monitor our tests to ensure they are up-to-date and of the highest quality.
Can the tests be customized?
Our tests are made by qualified experts and cannot be modified by the client. However, it is possible to purchase a paid subscription and then you will be given access to the test builder and be able to create your own tests.
How long does it take to get test results?
Test results are available stright after a candidate completes the test. You'll receive detailed reports that help you evaluate each candidate's skills and potential.


How much does TestZebra cost?

You don't need to pay any subscription fee, the tests work on a pay-as-you go basis.

The base price of a credit is €2.50. The tests are priced in credits and the price starts at 1 credit per a test sent. The final price in credits is dependend on the overall value and complexity of the test. Credits are deducted from the credit balance after the test assessment is sent to the candidate.

You can also get paid subscriptions that allow you to purchase test credits at discounted prices and access more advanced features of the TestZebra platform.

For a complete overview of features and a comparison of TestZebra subscriptions, please see the Pricing section.


Is TestZebra GDPR compliant?
Yes, TestZebra is GDPR compliant. We have implemented measures to ensure a high level of data protection. We obtain user consent, apply data security policies, and provide users with the ability to manage and control the data provided. You can find information on how personal data is collected, used and protected on the TestZebra platform on the Information obligation of the controller page.