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Controlling (manufacturing companies)

Test includes 30 questions from general controlling test and a BONUS of 6 additional questions focused on controlling in production.

Time limit / average

60 min. / 29 min.


1 credit



Test description

The controlling test for manufacturing companies contains 36 questions divided into 6 sections with multiple-choice answers. The first 30 questions are the same as in the general controlling test, but this test includes a BONUS of 6 additional questions exclusively focused on manufacturing companies. The test is used to categorize respondents as insufficient, beginner, intermediate, and expert. Practical examples are included in the test to assess respondents' ability to think logically in the context of assigned tasks. The difficulty of the questions ranges from easy to more challenging within each section. The names of the sections are as follows: 1. finance and accounting, 2. controlling within the company, 3. business thinking, 4. controlling tools, 5. controlling processes and data processing, 6. controlling in a manufacturing enterprise.


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