JavaScript (medior)

This test is constructed for validating the degree of candidate's knowledge of JavaScript suited for all levels of JavaScript developer positions.

Time limit / average

40 min. / 25 min.


1 credit



Test description

This test aims to determine the degree of the testee's intermediate knowledge of JavaScript. It covers various topics, all of which we consider required for medior JavaScript developer positions. Selected questions verify both theoretical and practical knowledge of the language. Some of the covered topics are: - short circuit evaluation - advanced working with objects, functions and arrays - referential equality - optional chaining - closure - destructuring - asynchronous operations - JSON The test consists of 32 questions, each containing exactly 1 correct answer. Selecting the correct answer will score 1 point, while an incorrect answer or skipping the question results in 0. The scored percentage can be interpreted as a fraction of mastered medior-level knowledge. Reasonable scoring boundary for passing the test is 60%.


Programming & IT