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  • Microsoft Excel (comprehensive)

Microsoft Excel (comprehensive)

The test is suitable for candidates who already have a basic knowledge of Excel. It includes contingency table formulas, functions, formatting etc.

Time limit / average

55 min. / 26 min.


1 credit



Test description

The test consists of 30 multiple choice questions A, B, C, D. Some questions allow multiple choice. The test focuses on determining as accurately as possible the respondent's proficiency in using the software and placing him/her in one of the following categories: beginner/beginner (higher level)/slightly advanced/advanced/expert. These categories are based on standards that are also used abroad. In addition to the category, the result also shows a score ranging from 0 to 144 points. Questions thematically include knowledge of working with contingency tables, formulas, functions, keyboard shortcuts, formatting, and other features that the software has.


Microsoft Office